The Papa Bear Chair, or the Teddy Bear Chair, is the common name for the AP Stolen-made AP-19 chair. This chair was later made by PP Mobler when Hans Wegner moved to their company, and was re-released in 2003 by Wyeth. In keeping with Wegner’s commitment to quality mid-century design, this chair is constructed with a beechwood frame, steel springs, tow, and horsehair. The Papa Bear Chair gives the sitter full comfort and support, unlike newer foam-rubber chairs.

The name of the Papa Bear Chair (and yes, there is a smaller version called the MamaBear Chair), comes from its form–the way the arms and wings papabearof the chair wrap around the sitter like the arms of a bear giving a giant, comforting bear hug.

See a video on the design and reissue of the Papa Bear Chair at the PP Mobler site. The photo above was borrowed from that video.